Technical Rescue Training

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Confined Space Entry & Rescue

Taught in accordance with OSHA 1910.134 this class is required for all persons who will be working in confined spaces.  This class can be customized to teach entry level training only or can be scheduled to train and/or create a fully functional confined space rescue team.

Technical Rope Rescue

The proper use of rope is the foundation of all technical rescue.  This course will be customized to your needs, and can range from basic knots to complex systems and high angle rescue to include pick-offs and basket work.

Trench Rescue & Competant Person

Trench work can be very dangerous and employees must be appropriately trained.  A competant person must inspect trenches prior to entry.  This is the perfect course for entrants and the competant person.

Machine Rescue

This is a great course for anyone working around large machinery.  Learn how to disentangle persons who become trapped  as well as how to prevent these accidents from happening.