Fall Protection


When and where fall protection is 

required can be confusing.  Do you need to utilize fall protection per the General Industry Standard or the Construction Standard?

Whether you need options on what type of personal fall arrest or fall prevention systems you need for a specific job, or if you need training regarding your current systems our industry professionals will be happy to assist you.

Aerial Lift Addition to Fall Protection

Aerial lifts are often used to gain access to areas with may otherwise be impossible to get to.  However, knowing what fall protection is necessary on aerial lifts can be a daunting task.  Let our aerial lift class reassure you and your employees they will stay as safe as possible when using these devices.

Competent Person

OSHA requires a competent person evaluate the fall hazard and design a fall protection system which will keep the employees as safe as possible.  This course includes the evaluation of several fall protection systems in several different applications as well as provides the necessary knowledge and skills to complete an appropriate rescue plan in the event of a fall.